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How long do you typically have before a statute of limitations runs out?
That question is too broad to give a useful answer. You need to narrow the scope to what, specifically, you want to know if there is a statute of limitation. A statute of limitations is a period of time after the occurrence of an event that a legal process can be initiated. Once that time period expires, then no legal process can be initiated to resolve the issue.In the U.S., most court cases, civil and criminal, are going to arise under state law. Each state will have its own statute of limitations for various things. The SOL’s in the civil arena tend to be more uniform. For any civil claim (e.g. collection of debt, personal injury, breach of contract, etc.) the SOL’s range usually from 1–6 years, with the most common time frame being 2–4 years. In the civil arena, the SOL’s tend to be relatively short.In the criminal world, you get much longer SOL’s and for some crimes, there is no SOL (e.g. murder).You will need to review your state’s statute of limitations laws to determine which applies to your specific situation.
Is there a specific date attached when a statute of limitations runs out on a crime, or is it a general month that it runs out? And how does someone know if the statute of limitations has run out?
The statute of limitations "usually" begins on the day that there is evidence to support that a crime has been committed, and the victim is aware, or reasonably should be aware, that the crime was committed against them.For example a person who lives alone goes to the hospital for several months.The day after the person is taken away in the ambulance, someone breaks into his home.Since the person was living alone, no one actually knows of or reports the break-in, but as soon as the person is released from the hospital and returns home he reports the break-in.Detective work demonstrates that the break-in actually occurred on July 15, but wasn't discovered until November 28.The statute of limitations begins on November 28, because that is the day when it was first discovered by the victim that a crime had been committed.That time may be tolled, (not counted) under certain conditions, which are usually specified either within the statute that makes the act a crime, or is defined by a higher court in one of it's written decisions.In the above example, the time from July 15 until November 28 was tolled.Since a statute of limitations is generally defined in years, if the statute of limitations for a break-in was ten years, then the statute of limitations in the above (HYPOTETICAL) example would run on November 28, ten years after (the discovery) of the break-in.However, murder and many other major felonies "NO LONGER HAVE A STATUTE OF LIMITATIONS."
How do I file a violation of civil rights case pro se against an officer, and is there a statute of limitations for such an offense?
There is a two year statute of limitations from the date of the violation.If it’s a good case, why would you file pro se? Abraham Lincoln once said “He who has himself for a lawyer, has a fool for a client.” A good civil rights lawyer will take your case if it’s a good one. If you win, the loser pays your lawyer’s fees. So the civil rights lawyer will evaluate your case and if he takes it, it’s because he thinks you have a great chance of winning.
How does the statute of limitations apply to dental work?
Statutes of limitation limit when you can file a lawsuit. If you actually fileda lawsuit, the fact that the person fled the jurisdiction likely doesn't have any effect, though it makes the chances of recovering anything pretty slim, particularly if they have ten other pending suits against them.You should consult with a licensed attorney in your jurisdiction to ensure that you gave drive everything necessary to toll any applicable statute of limitations. It's a complicated and intricate part of the system and even lawyers struggle with it sometimes.
Will Edward Snowden return to the US a free man when the statute of limitations for government theft runs out?
Questioner assumes theft is the issue, theft may be "an" issue, but to the government of the United States, the issue would be treason, specifically the part of the clause in the U. S. Constitution related to providing aid to enemies.If in the examination of the content of the 50,000 plus documents that Snowden released, and/or in the close scrutiny of how, where, and through what means the data was made known to the public, a case could be made that Snowden's "sharing" aided any enemy to the USA in terms of causing them to change their methods of communication (making it harder for the United States to identify threats), for instance, a case could be made to prosecute him for treason, assuming whatever jurisdiction his legal agency was executed under does not have a statute of limitations on the crime of treason.A case for treason could be also be alleged for Snowden's disclosures harming relations with friendly nations or allies or impartial or even enemy nations.On the other hand, the nature of the ongoing digital and electronic revolution is that the processes that Snowden identified as being illegal intrusions upon the citizenry are so constantly and speedily being changed, that nearly all interested parties (IT experts in other nations, for example), it could be contested, were already aware of these facts concerning how data is shared across servers around the world by the world's largest search engines and that the only people who didn't know about the nature of this digital age were Americans.
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