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A stone and a sheet of paper are dropped together. Which of the following statement regarding their fall is true?
If they were on the moon, they would hit the ground at the same time. It has to do with something that Einstein said. And you know what people were thinking when Einstein said that? They were probably giggling on the inside saying to themselves, ‘Ha, ha. I wonder what planet he came from?’
Is the IRS Trust Fund Recovery Penalty in addition to original tax amount? For example, if the unpaid taxes were $2500, and I was accessed a TFRP of $2500, is the total due $2500 or $5000?
A Trust Fund Recovery Penalty equals the unpai d amount of witheld income tax and social security tax withheld by an employer from employees in trust for the government. Employer contributions, penalties and interest are not considered trust funds.When it is apparent that an employer cannot pay withholding taxes due, a Revenue Officer will conduct an investigation to determine who was responsible. A Trust Fund Recovery will be asserted against the responsible person or persons.
How much of this statement "if you take out all the cultural and environmental factors, people will just follow their biology" is true?
Q: How much of this statement "if you take out all the cultural and environmental factors, people will just follow their biology" is true?A: It’s a tricky one. Here’s why.Biology has culture in it.Culture is: information. Culture is: knowledge.ie Don’t take my word for this, read these 2 x books:All Life Is Problem Solving (Popper 1999)which shows how all plants and all animals [not just: humanimals] have knowledge.Also read:Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind (Harari 2015)which shows (or, recaps) how, organisms are algorithms.(Algorithms are: recipes, or instructions, or formulae: eg IF [this happens] THEN [do that])…Systems Theory makes all this clear• Organisms are systems. Systems have algorithms in them. Systems are made of energy, information and matter.More here, if of interest:On Systems Theory and EvolutionStoryAlity #70 • Key Concepts in Systems Theory, Cybernetics & EvolutionStoryAlity #70B • The Systems View of Life: A Unifying Vision (Capra & Luisi 2014)StoryAlity #70C • Systems Philosophy (Laszlo 1972)StoryAlity #70C2 • General Systems Theory: Problems, Perspectives, Practice (Skyttner 2005)StoryAlity #70D • The Evolving Self (Csikszentmihalyi 1993)StoryAlity #70E • On Human Nature • and Evolutionary PsychologySo, back to the question:Q: How much of this statement "if you take out all the cultural and environmental factors, people will just follow their biology" is true?I don’t have a definitive answer but, I know this - the trouble is, you can’t “take out” all the cultural factors…? (I guess you mean `learned/absorbed• culture?)You could maybe try and give the organism amnesia - and, see what happens?(eg Whack it on the head, maybe…?Some Anecdata: I fell off my pushbike at great speed at age 15, and then had amnesia, for about half an hour. (- It was actually, kinda fun…? Though I don’t recommend it. Results May Vary.)At first, I wasn’t sure what my accent was supposed to be, nor what my “default personality” was supposed to be like. ie - How do you “act natural” if you don’t even know, what that is-?! etc.The solution I used at the time was: just copy the people who are in front of you. (This is what babies do, after all, when they learn how to interact, and it works. They `do science’: ie Expectation [ie - “I guess, if this organism in front of me is doing this stuff, I can get away with that too”] and then, they do: Trial and Error.)ie If you exactly copy folks [even when you have amnesia], they can freak out. (Or, can misunderstand - and can think you’re making fun of them, or something. It wasn’t that in my case, I just wasn’t sure what I was supposed to do next, so I just copied whatever the other visible lifeforms did. Gestures, postures, movements, repeated the words they said, and stuff. Using the same intonations and all that.)Anyway - to get a really good answer - I suggest: read up, on case-studies of amnesia, ie Where the mental “hard drive” gets wiped, for a while. See, if: they just “follow their biology”.(But, What would that even mean? Do you just mean: eating, sleeping, and fighting if threatened, and fornicating if sexually-aroused by something? …or, What?)Guess, to do research on this properly, you could give someone amnesia, (seems unethical, but still) and maybe lock them in an empty room (with no writing or patterns on the walls), and not interact or communicate with them, and see what happens. (But no communicating, otherwise they might absorb some more: culture. ie Information. ie Knowledge.)Actually this would probably be pretty scary and stressful for the subject. They may assume they died, and this is what happens after you die: you just get locked in a white room forever, or something.But - yeah, organisms (ie systems) come pre-programmed, with a whole bunch of algorithms (instincts, etc). See Chomsky’s Universal Grammar, etc. And all that stuff is information (ie culture)Anyway - it’s a terrific question!I have a chapter in a new encyclopedia (2022), on `what culture is’:The Holon/Parton Structure of the Meme, or The Unit of Culture
If P=x and Q=12x and x is a whole number, then which of the following statements is true?
By itself, this is a really lousy question because "whole number" is used in different ways by different people. Some use it to mean "counting number" - that is, a positive integer: 1, 2, 3,....  Others use it to mean any integer: ....-3, -2, -1, 0, 1, 2, 3....  And still others use it to mean non-negative integer: 0,1, 2, 3....If this is from a textbook then you need to look at what definition they have given for "whole number".
For a system of three equations, which of the following statements is true?
Hint: To be a solution, you must be able to find a coordinate that satisfies all 3 equations simultaneously. If it only satisfies two, it isn’t a solution of all 3 equations.
How safe would the Southern Hemisphere be if a Nuclear War broke out between Russia and the United States?
Within a couple of weeks it would be this kind of safe:as the smoke and ash from the burning northern hemisphere would cover the sky almost everywhere.A few weeks later it would become this kind of safe:as the slower-dispersing heavier smoke spread with the winds across oceans and the smoke and superheated ash that went up into the stratosphere cooled down and descended all over the planet.And then in a few months the temprature would start to drop across the globe and global nuclear winter would set in.The skies would remain overcast for the next several years (nobody really knows how many). Within a year almost all plant life as well as almost all animal life dies of starvation and cold.The summer temperatures are estimated to drop by about 20–35 degrees C across the globe. Agriculture would not be possible outside artificial heated facilities. The soot would persist in the stratosphere for about a decade, slowly falling out as black rain.Oh, and the ozone layer would be absolutely destroyed too, so going outside without protection would be rather unhealthy, if not outright dangerous.Humanity would likely survive, but billions would die of starvation, because with only small-scale agriculture possible in sheltered and powered environments, there would just be not enough food for everyone.So, yeah, it would be kind of safe in the southern hemisphere. Until you starve to death.
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